The "Flowers of the Day" by Sri Prem Baba

05/09/2016 | Muriel Dalmulder

The "Flowers of the Day" are written by Sri Prem Baba, a wise man who dedicates his life to teach people to awaken in love, and one of the stars who enriched my life with his light. You can read these beautiful 'flowers' every day, on his website and also subscribe to them. I have selected one for you, in the hope that you will also enjoy it and perhaps, like me, can apply it in your life!

For me, taking those moments of silence, of being, of turning inward, is just as normal as getting up, going to bed, washing myself and brushing my teeth. It is in all I do and I have two fixed moments during the day when I really take the time to do it. I prefer to meditate 21 minutes in the morning and approximately 7 minutes before bedtime. In addition, I turn inward several times during the day, to be, to feel, to experience a moment of nothing. It gives me so much rest, energy and clarity. 

The simplicity with which Sri Prem Baba describes how you can include moments of silence in your day gives so much air and space. Even if you start with 1 minute per day, or as he himself says: '1 minute of silence'. See, hear, feel and experience for yourself how much rest, energy and clarity it brings you, if you decide to integrate 1, 5 or more minutes of silence per day into your life.