02/09/2016 | Muriel Dalmulder

How often are we aware of our breathing? Now close your eyes, or try it after reading this blog, and feel where your breathing is in your body. Is this high, in your throat, or close to your chest, your heart, or lower in your stomach or abdomen? Breathing is one of the major differences between life and death. Proper breathing means that your body fills itself with the right type of energy. And energy makes a big difference in how you feel, what you can accomplish and also what you attract. If you want to see or know what good breathing is, then look at how a new-born baby or child breathes. Their breathing is quiet and comes from the abdomen. The older we get, the more our breathing shifts up. Because of the life we lead, our breathing moves up higher and higher, which means we make less use of Prana, the life force of correct breathing. Breathing can bring you so many great things. Breathing is living. 

Low abdominal breathing, a technique which gets a lot of attention in yoga and mindfulness, is essential because it is the only thing that can fill all the cells in your body with oxygen and therefore with energy. In Sanskrit, for example, and in other oriental sciences and sports, they speak of prana and qi.

Your source of strength is located at the point just two fingers wide under your navel, called the hara in ancient writings. This is your core, the center of gravity of your body, the place of your intuition, i.e. your gut feeling. Low abdominal breathing therefore ensures strength and energy. Scientists have also shown that if your breathing is peaceful and originates from your abdomen, your brain waves and brain activity are more stable. This again aids relaxation. Do you need more reasons to be aware of your breathing and to decide to, from now on, focus on low abdominal breathing?

My interest and affinity with energy also sparked my interest in breathing techniques. Years ago, I met Judith Kravitz, the founder of the Transformational Breathing Method. Judith Kravitz developed this method in the 1970s. She has integrated all her knowledge gained during her bachelor degree in metaphysics, and what she learned about Kundalini yoga, breathing analysis, sound healing, and other spiritual methodologies into this method. She was cured of cancer in her throat through this breathing technique. Since, western medics have been researching the possibilities of healing through breathing. Breathing fully supports the self-healing power of your body. I followed various trainings by Judith myself and was really mesmerized by how quickly the use of the correct breathing technique has a positive impact.

The Kahunas, the original healers, the shamans of Hawaii, would always breathe together before important meetings. They would then do the Ha Breath. This is a breathing technique where you breathe in a ratio of 1:2; first inhaling (1) from your stomach through the nose, and then exhaling (2) while making the sound HAAAAAAA. This breathing fills all your cells with oxygen, it charges your energy and activates the lymphatic glands, enabling waste products to be drained off faster. And as body and mind are one, this can continue to have an effect on many levels. I often do this breathing technique before important meetings or if I feel low in energy and really have to do something. Especially in the winter months, the Ha Breath is part of my morning ritual.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to make better use of your breathing. For example, you can decide that, from today, you will focus at least 1 minute of your day on your breathing. To know whether you are breathing properly, you can place your hands on your belly and breathe towards them. If your hands go up, you are doing it right. If you start doing this, and stick with it for 21 to 30 days, it will be a habit for life. Fully connected breathing gives you the possibility of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery. It gives healing, liberation, peace, understanding and helps you get into contact with your true self. Breathe and experience life to the fullest.

Breathing is living!