And what you need to grow!

22/07/2017 | Muriel Dalmulder

The Belief That Helps You To Deal With Everything!

Do you know that feeling, you've just made life-changing choice, or something happens that sets your life upside down? And suddenly you are tested in all possible ways, or does it look like that? It happens to me in several occasions in life, for example when I decided to finally follow my heart. Connect people and teams with their pure power, their unlimited possibilities. From a life full of (fake) certainty, more than seventeen years of a permanent job, making the transition to a life as a self employed coach and trainer. And there are so much more examples like this.

The belief; "I get what I can handle and what I need for my growth", is my great determination in life. So whatever it may be, it's all good!

Life is full of challenges and you always have a choice of how you deal with those challenges, right? "Your universe will always test you". As well if you choose to change your life or if something happens that sets your life upside down or at least that is how you experience it. The most important thing that I learned in my life and I’m still learning, I would like to share with you, hoping that you can use it to your advantage.

Have the necessary dose of self-reflection. Everything that happens in your external world is a projection of what goes on in your inner world and of your beliefs. For example, if you want a loving relationship and you only experience relationships where love is missing or you do not really meet anyone, then look at what do you think about relationships? Do you believe that love is also meant for you, or better still, do you really love yourself?

Stand on the cause side of what happens in your life and stop pointing the so familiar finger. As soon as I really stand at the cause side, my -response ability - increases and if I really take that 100% responsibility for my result I have the power to deal with everything. Then I'm able to see all the different sides of what I suffered from.

By being aware of the fact that I always have a choice and by choosing how I label my experience, I can also see, hear, feel and experience the beautiful sides. Then I find that there is so much to be grateful for.

Accepting what is present in the moment, despite everything happening in your world, can be very pleasant. By living in the moment, letting be what is, without making them bigger. Knowing that now is now and tomorrow is a new day full of new opportunities gives a feeling of spaciousness and peacefulness.

Whether it always feels nice or pleasant? No, not always. We learn in 3 ways;

1. By having fun, than everything is easy because we like it.

2. By resistance, and for me that's what I call going 'outside of your comfort zone'. The place where the 'magic' really happens.

3. By pain, the one thing which for me at the moment it happens is the least enjoyable and oh so necessary to grow. Growing can hurt and pain is growing, is what my wise mother always said!

The belief "you get what you can handle and what you need to grow" along with the necessary self-reflection, helps me through everything. And I hope that this belief also gives you power, during the 'learning moments' in your life.