9 Steps to love


Life- and Leadership Coach and Trainer of Excellence, Muriël Dalmulder, knows from her years of experience in coaching people that the cliché; "You can only love someone else if you really love yourself" is THE condition for a good relationship! 

And, that this is often the fundament that is lacking so that many people suffer from insecurity, fear of bonding and/or anxiety, no access to intuition, gut feeling, obstructive beliefs and much more.

If you want to find the true love, you first have to be able to see, hear, feel, experience and nourish it for yourself.

That is why this training consists of 9 steps, which can be completed in a period of four weeks or separately, or as a sequential program.

Why exactly 4 weeks? Because, if you want to change old patterns and create sustainable change, you need 21 to 30 days to create new patterns that empower you.

1. Love for Yourself 
2. The "Love Mind-set" 
3. Personal Power
4. Energy
5. Overcoming Fear
6. Beliefs
7. Values
8. Setting Goals
9. Love

In four training sessions of a maximum of 3 hours, we go on a journey towards  LOVE.  The group can consist of up to 6 participants (6 = the number of love). 

The location is the love nest of Muriël Dalmulder on the Erstkade 31, in Amsterdam.

The first training you lay the basis from which you build up towards LOVE. All 9 steps are briefly explained. We dig deeper into step 1 and 2. 

You learn what love is for yourself and how important this is to ultimately be able to share this love. You gain insight into yourself by becoming aware of what influences your behavior and what role your personal filters play in it. The NLP communication model in a nutshell. 

You learn what you can do to gain control over your mood/state, allowing you to master communication and know what you can do to step outside of your comfort zone. 'Cause and Effect' and the  Model of Change are at the essence so that you feel, see, hear and experience how to take control over your results. At the end of this first training, you have all the tools for the "LOVE Mind-Set"

The second training is dedicated to Personal Power and Energy. We dive into step 3 and 4. It is a dynamic training in which you will feel, hear, see and experience that everything is energy. And that your energy creates what you want in your life. 

You learn what personal power is and how you can stay in your power, whatever happens in or around you. You learn that your perception (what you believe) becomes your projection (your truth, your reality). The power of Focus is put into practice.

The third training is all about overcoming fear and working with beliefs. We explain step 5, 6 and 7. Whether it's fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of being disappointed, fear of something unpleasant that you've experienced before. You learn what fear is and what you can do to say goodbye to your fear. 

You learn the role of beliefs in your life, which hinder you and which empower you. You gain insight into what gives you energy in the field of love so that you have a clear understanding of what your focus is.

The fourth training is about the secret of creating your future,  and about visualizing what love is to you. We explain step 8 and 9. You will clearly formulate your goal "according to the 9 steps of the secret of creating your future" process. 

There is only 1 road left for you. The road to LOVE. We reflect on what you can do to know if someone suits you. What are the right questions that you can ask,  from your clear focus on what you want, including the needs of the other person. Which attitude and beliefs will help you to go all the way!

Then you 
- Understand yourself and you know what you can do to love yourself.
- Have a real "Love" Mind-Set.
- Have all the tools to be a master of communication towards yourself and another  
- Have the energy and the personal power to create whatever you want.
- Trust that love is also for you and you are free of fear
- Have all tools to step outside of your comfort zone
- Are aware of what hinders you and what empowers you
- Are aware of what energizes you in the context of love 
- Have a clear goal set in the way that you know you make it
- Love for yourself and believe that you are ready for LOVE!
Then all participants have all the tools to go from LOVE for themselves towards LOVING another. 


The investment depends on if the training takes place in an individual or group setting. Contact me in case you have any questions.


With LOVE