Welcome to the New Empowered You


“manifest the life you desire”

In my life and business, I’ve come to realize the value of having a vision and a structure and discipline to implement it into your life. The new year has started. 2020 was a year of ups and downs, a year in which balance and a foundation were key.

2021 has the frequency of nr.5, vision, clarity, and flexibility are important this year. To help you achieve your dreams and goals this year, I’m organizing a vision quest on Sunday the 28th of Feb during the energy of the Full Moon. 

In this online Vision Quest, you’ll be guided through a proven, reliable, repeatable system to:

  • Release all that no longer serves you
  • Discover essential keys to unlock your deepest dreams and vision
  • Overcome limitations and be part of the 3% of people who outreach their dreams
  • Learn rituals to ground, center, and get the best out of yourself and every day

When: Sunday 28-2-2021

Where: Zoom

Time: 16.30-18.00 CET, 10.30am EST

Duration: 1,5 hrs

Investment: All I ask is a little investment of 20 euros, just to be sure that you are committed to joining. If this investment is an issue and you really want to join, send me an email and we will work it out.

You can register here for the 2021 vision quest! 

What can you expect?

  • Meditation and self-reflection to get clarity about your vision for 2021
  • Insight into your Wheel of life (the current and desired situation in all your areas of life)
  • Tools to formulate and manifest your goal An inspiring and interactive meeting with like-minded souls
  • A nice workbook from which you can get strength and focus all year round

What do you need?

  • A quiet place where you can be alone for a while
  • A yoga mat and pillow that you can sit on
  • A blanket A notebook (optional)
  • A candle or incense if you like
  • Wifi to stream the content

What if you’ve joined the vision quest?

Then you

  • released that which longer serves you
  • have a gameplan and a clear vision for the new year
  • have the tools to manifest your desire

You are ready to step into your new and empowered future!