The Connection

Why is 'The Connection' the training for you?

Busy, busy, busy, so much to do, I also have high expectations of myself and it's never good enough. And hey….doing things differently or changing what I’m doing now? I don't know how and I’m afraid to do so, because what if I lose everything, my job, my relationship, myself?


Our current fast-paced world of achievement and competition demands a lot of us ... or, do we ask a lot of ourselves?

Because of our upbringing, ego-fears and external pressure, we easily end up in a world in which the environment determines our lives. A world, where we are cut off from our heart and our limitless core power. Our head is running overtime. We tell ourselves and each other a story about ourselves that is made up. And with that, we limit ourselves enormously.

We stopped living in accordance with universal laws, natural laws. We continuously respond to those ego impulses. And that is very normal. It is inherent to human nature. And in a western culture, where we are used to paying more attention to our head, our ego, and our image, it is quite normal that we first have to grow and evolve before we know and feel who we really are. Before we are able to hear, see, feel and experience what your own path is. Knowing how you can really connect to yourself and others. And how you can make a difference together by co-creating from a deeper connection.

You can choose to continue to feed our ego, or to develop and let go of the ego until you reach your true nature and start living according to it. Experiencing and living in line with existence.

We want to start this natural development and growth together with you and guide you through that entire process. We’ll take you on a journey through powerful insights that will make both your head and your heart happy. To find recognition and truth on the path you’re moving on to. Discover your energy and true power. So that your own path can unfold. A path that you can walk together with two sherpas, Menno and Muriël. And with a group of likeminded people.  A total of 9 explorers and personal development travelers. On the road to more connection with yourself, nature and the other.

The Connection is the training in which it’s all about Mastery, Meaning, Freedom, Direction and Connection. We connect you in 6 months with your true nature, your path and the other.

Who is 'The Connection' for?

The connection is for you……

  • If you want a connection with your true self
  • If you want to learn how to make connections with others
  • If you want to experience connection with the universe, the source, with universal laws
  • If you are open to insights from numerology, your body, emotions, your subconscious mind, your higher self, intuition and nature

What are we going to do during 'The Connection'?

The program consists of 3 group days and 3 individual coaching sessions.

3 Group days in a beautiful, natural environment:

  • 1 winter day Wednesday 26th of February / March to discover what is hidden under that layer of snow within you. What potential and unique power will soon see the light. What story do we tell about ourselves? Are you that chestnut or potential chestnut tree?
  • 1 spring day Friday 24th of April to show each other the first blossom. To share how we experience our personal growth and discoveries. And more tools to experience this journey even more consciously
  • 1 summer day in June (tbd) to share the first (still maturing) fruits and create real travel souvenirs and exchange new stories about ourselves

Including, coffee, tea, goodies, and lunch. Guidance and facilitation by Muriël and Menno.

2 individual coaching sessions with Muriël

Muriël is an International Leadership Coach and Speaker.​ She is ABNLP certified NLP and mindfulness trainer and coach and helps people and groups draw on their strengths. She can pinpoint inhibiting factors and offers result-oriented training and coaching to permanently remove these inhibitions and stumbling blocks.

Muriël has a wide range of intervention techniques through which you will achieve the desired situation You’ll learn to step outside of your comfort zone and to live from the magic that is beyond. That gives other options and a different result

Through NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy and mindfulness, among others, Muriël brings you to your own pure core

Respect, pleasure, trust, and honesty are among the core values ​​in which the coaching takes place. How beautiful is it to be reconnected with your real pure power?

1 Personal Compass Session with Menno

Insight into where you are now and your potential. Translated into words, archetypes, and metaphors, giving you a better navigation system and all direction indicators to walk your path now and later.

Insight into your greatest natural talents and your destination, where you will be of maximum significance

Insight into the lessons and experiences that your soul has devised for this

A combination between Teamdriver and Circles Of Life Numerology

When does 'The Connection' take place?

Between February and July 2020. Exact data will follow soon!

Where does 'The Connection' take place?

Group training is probably organized in the middle of the Netherlands at the beautiful outdoor location De Hoorneboeg.
Individual coaching by Muriël in Amsterdam. The Personal Compass Session with Menno along the IJssel in Welsum (near Epe, Vaassen).


€ 2,300 incl. VAT. ( With the option of a payment plan of maximum 3 terms)

How are we going to do this?

Together with Muriël, Menno and 9 fellow travelers, you will travel for 6 months in your world, your nature and the world outside of you. 3 Group days in a beautiful, natural environment. 2 individual coaching sessions of 2 hours with Muriël and 1 Personal Compass Session of 3 hours (numerology, natural talents and finding your own path) with Menno. We give you insights, tools, experiences, transformation and a group of beautiful people and conversations, with which you greatly accelerate your development and growth and also safeguard many new good habits for your body, mind & soul.

What will be the Result?

  • Mastery: a focus on your greatest natural talents, a higher self-awareness, more balance
  • Meaning: more clarity about your path. About the current and possibly upcoming direction indicators for your journey of discovery and development
  • Freedom: the feeling that you are free in your choices, that you can dance more with what puts life on your path or what you have attracted to it.
  • Director: you are the director of your life again. Your thoughts and actions are aligned with who you really are and universal truth
  • Connection: that's what we do it for. We human beings are made for that. Much more connection with yourself, your path. Wanting and being able to connect with the other person

This day is accompanied by:

Menno Braakman

Coach in Personal Transformation and Leadership. Natural Organization Strategist. Numerologist. Speaker

Muriël Dalmulder

International Leadership Coach and Speaker. Certified trainer in NLP, MBSR, MIT Theory U, Sound of Ohm, Mindfulness

* If you have already had a Personal Compass Session with Menno, he will make a further deepening and translation of your current themes based on the numerology of your date of birth and names. And based on natural laws that can serve you in this.

* If you have had coaching from Muriël before, then, of course, she will ensure that you can develop further to the next level. The themes that present themselves to you now get the necessary attention in personal coaching.

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us using the form below or call: 0643199607

Step 2: We plan a call / intake interview

Step 3: During this call we get a first feeling together and the match with this program.

Step 4: Your Program starts in February / March!

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