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Despite that quote, any habit can be broken if you have the right strategy, the right tools, mindset and support. 

Because recently even my best friend was unable to explain what it is I do, it made me realize that I’m positioning myself too broad. 
Probably because I was trained so broadly and therefor can do so much things when it comes to changing human behavior. And I felt like clarifying! 

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The core of everything I do is all about personal leadership, authentic leadership. Guiding people of all ages to be free of their limiting conditioning, imprints, fear, stress and high expectations, reconnecting them back to their wholeness, core power, their essence and purpose. 

I do the DEEP INNER work that creates sustainable changes. Helping people to reprogram those old habits (from sometimes even up to 7 generations back) that make them play small, hide their power, live only in their minds, being stressed and not having direction. So, in the end they are fulfilled and happy from within and therefor successful in everything they do. 

I work with individuals, teams and organizations and I love to light fires to make people aware of what is possible if you change your behavior! 

To do all that, I use my superpowers, my energy, sensitivity and intuition, the eastern knowledge I gained in my more than 30 years exploring all there is in the field of quantum physics, energy, healing and frequency and I combine it with western science from the world of neuroscience, cognitive therapy, NLP and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. 

Our brains are plastic and shaped by experience and by what we hold in our DNA. And only through self-awareness and mental and emotional consistent training we can change our brains, our habits and thus our lives. We have to train our brain the way we train our bodies if we want to change. And with the right mindset and support we can create new sustainable patterns and be whole again and thus successful in your work, relationships and life. 

I love what I do, I do what I love, I love to bring out the best in people, teams and organizations on the deepest levels possible!

And I’m on a mission to reconnect millions of people world-wide to their wholeness, so the world can be a better place. 

????Karlien van der geest


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