Mindfulness Training Amsterdam met Muril Dalmulder

“Happiness is an intense sensation that comes from an exceptional mind” – Matthieu Riccard

Many people deal with lots of pressure at work and stressful situations on a daily basis. People need to be able to concentrate, and this can be a lot harder than you want. Some employees have a higher chance of becoming ill because of the pressures of work and private life. But the 'rush of the day' also limits your productivity. Don't you want to achieve the best results, based on your full strengths?

Mindfulness, and in particular meditation, helps you be clear and focused. That empty and clear feeling is the natural state of happiness, and as a result is the optimal state of being. It helps you combat stress, deal with pressure at work, and experience fulfilment and happiness in your life.

Muriël integrates mindfulness in both her coaching and training programs, and regularly organizes mindfulness trainings for companies and individuals. International organizations such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Samsung have already booked significant results with their own 'in-house' mindfulness training. It makes their employees more effective and increases their confidence, leadership and productivity. And at the same time, absenteeism is reduced.