Motivational Speaker

Muriël Dalmulder - If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots

It is my mission to help people to be free from limiting conditioning and imprints such as stress, perfectionism, and negative emotions and to connect them with their limitless potential and purpose so that they can be happy from within.

Muriël Dalmulder is a future writer, speaker, trainer, and coach. She combines positive psychology, neuroscience, and NLP with ancient wisdom and traditions. She wants to contribute to sustainable behavioral change for more awareness, success, and happiness for individuals, teams and organizations. It is her dream to make the world more beautiful by connecting people with their heart and purpose.

Today's society asks us to take a close look at our own behavior. How do we deal with change? How do you ensure that you make optimum use of your talents? How do you ensure that you optimally use your emotional intelligence and intuition? How can you grow into a limitless authentic successful person who is in connection with self and others.

To help the listener to be successful and happy personallly, in an organization or in a team, Muriël talks about topics like sustainable change, mindset, diversity and inclusion, connection to your heart, the smart unconsciousness and successfully being your authentic self. Her message has everything: high energy, surprising presentation, interaction with the public and practical insights.

The topics that Muriël can deal with during lectures, training and workshops are:

  • Sustainable (behavioral) change
  • Resilience
  • Diversity and inclusion: breaking with prejudice
  • Purposeful leadership: beyond the obstacles of the mind, from connection with the heart
  • Heartful at cause of your life (Out of your mind, in your heart)
  • Train your brain to be happy
  • Personal power 2.0
  • How to unlock your subconscious power / The power of the unconscious
  • The power of beliefs and focus
  • The secret of creating your future
  • Mindset: from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • Culture change - change your mind change your culture
  • Live your full potential



Her interest in sustainable change started when she was a child and was aware of the fact that everything is energy and that you are responsible for what you create in your reality. In her role as marketing and communication manager at Red Bull and Diesel Benelux, her interest grew to get the best out of herself and people in a sustainable way.

The training and coaching that she underwent there, individually or as a team always touched the surface. Everyone, including herself, soon fell back into the old behavior. She wanted to do this differently; being able to create sustainable change from the root. She went on an inner and outer journey to learn from the best in this field, focusing on Western science and Eastern wisdom.

Muriël conducts research on sustainable and purposeful (personal) leadership, human behavior and behavioral change. She is an International (American Board of NLP) Certified NLP trainer, Master coach, Master Hypnotist, Master Timeline therapist and Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction Trainer. She is energetic, innovative and transforming.

As a trainer and coach, she already has 12 years of experience. She has coached and trained thousands of professionals internationally in the world of A-brands.

In recent years she has given NLP training to many hundreds of people from different sectors. She now provides resilience, mindfulness, mindset, behavioral and inclusion training for high performing professionals and entrepreneurs. Short intensive processes that ensure sustainable change and growth, connection and impact.

Interested in a lecture by Muriël Dalmulder?

After a contribution from Muriël, people are more aware of themselves. They have insights and tools to out into immediate practice. To increase performance, to change sustainably, to live from the heart and purpose and to be an authentic leader.