NLP Training Amsterdam

The best of deep transformational training

“Your business, product or service is only as good as the people who work for you" – Dietrich Mateschitz (Red Bull)

The training programs are aimed at being successful together. Because however automated the world and the business sector is, people still make the difference. Only they can lift processes and performances to a higher, even excellent level.

Muriël first pinpoints inhibiting factors in a first analysis, to then remove these with an appropriate training plan. Her practical applied interventions and training techniques help people, managers, and teams draw on their own, authentic strengths. This increases performance and effectiveness. And the effects last, because she also gives pointers to consolidate the positive changes.

Muriël has experience with groups and group dynamics and led countless trainings on leadership, communication, team building, presentation techniques and training based on mindfulness. She uses her sensitivity, know-how, and experience to show people, teams and organizations where their pure strengths lie so that they can be truly successful. 

Muriël is allowed to certify according to the American Board of NLP