Muriel Dalmulder NLP Coaching, Life Coaching Amsterdam

Op zoek naar het beste op het gebied van NLP coaching in de buurt van Amsterdam?

Are you familiar with NLP Coaching, Life coaching or Leadership Coaching?
NLP Coaching, Life Coaching from Muriel Dalmulder stands for sustainable behavioral change!

Do you want to be successful in life and improve your relationships, your work and the things that are disappointing now? Do you have dreams that you still want to realize, but you have no idea how?

With NLP coaching, Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, on-the-job coaching, executive coaching, you gain insight into who you really are, and you get rid of what hinders or stops you. Through NLP, Mindfulness and Yoga Muriël brings you to your own pure core. You learn to step outside of your comfort zone and to live from the magic that is beyond. That gives other options and a different result.

In a free-of-charge intake of 1 hour, Muriël maps out what your question is. Then she will map out a suitable route for you. You always receive e-coaching to integrate what you learn, and an evaluation after six months to see how you are doing. Empowering you to be limitless and live from a place of power, that is her mission.

Muriel works together with you on the desired improvement that can be both personal and functional. Respect, trust, autonomy and personal responsibility are important values.

Muriel Dalmulder encourages people to get the best out of themselves and uses NLP Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching for this. Optimum results are achieved by increasing insight, reflection and interventions.

Muriel Dalmulder offers a wide range of NLP Coaching, Life coaching, Personal Coaching or Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Team coaching, Executive Coaching, Management coaching.

So now improve your personal success, that of your team, your company or yours as a manager with Muriel Dalmulder NLP Coaching and Life Coaching.