Your external world is a mere reflection of your inner world.

“Perception is Projection” is one of the most empowering themes of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The concept, which has its roots in Jungian psychology, tells us that what we see outside of ourselves is, at some level and in some way, a reflection of who we are on the inside.

This concept also has its roots in eastern science and knowledge. Great masters of old times and new times like Buddha, Sri Aurobindo, Maharishi Yogi, Sri Amma Bhagavan, Sri Prem Baba and so on, all state that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

So, we all want to change things in our outer world right? Only if you can see how the compulsive, destructive and repetitive patterns of the mind work, then you can be free from it. As all that you are is the result of what you have thought or what you are thinking, as this reflects all in the outer world. Why? Because every word we say, every thought we think is energy, which puts things in motion.

Of course it is too easy to say just change your thoughts and you create a new reality. We all need to deal with unconscious thought patterns and unresolved emotions, for which you might need help to really dissolve this. And…. change is closer than you think, it all starts with you.

If you are unhappy with a situation in your life then take a distance from it and observe what you think of that situation, how do you label it? And is what you think true, is it reality or are you creating this reality?

If you really want something and somewhere deep down inside you can’t believe it will happen, or you are in doubt then also step out of it. Fly above the situation and look at your inner thought process and your inner feelings. The moment you become aware that you are sabotaging yourself with what you think and how you feel, change it. And if you need help! Ask for it!

I live life by the power of this concept. And human as I am I am still learning every day. Just recently I realized myself that I was sabotaging myself with an old thought pattern that hindered me to shine and step up for who I am how I’m able to make others shine too. The moment I became of aware of this, (by looking at my outer world where some things were missing and how my thoughts and feelings were in line with that), I chose to change my thoughts and my feelings back to the inner power and the right to shine and step up for myself. What happened is that things that I also really wanted to make happen started to become reality, like singing mantra’s with large groups of people. So Ohmmmmm.

What I wish for you is that the concept of perception is projection will empower you in everything you want, do, and are. That you are able to fly above what’s happing and are able to see the influence of your mind and emotions. That you can set yourself free from the perceived problems that we ourselves create. Your external world is a mere reflection of your inner world. You are the creator of your life. Enjoy it. Live it! Celebrate.



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