4 tips for grounding

Do you feel insecure, unbalanced, quickly overwhelmed, anxious, confused, or chaotic in this time of change?

Then it helps to consciously work on your own grounding.

A firm grounding means that you are well connected to the here and now. Grounding is a downward directed energy (grounding).

Being ungrounded is an upwardly directed energy (floating and being in your head a lot).

If you are bothered by being a lot in your head, seeing bears on the road, having negative emotions, and feeling restless, consciously grounding can help enormously.

You can see grounding as a kind of lightning conduction. You discharge the "excess" of upward-directed energy. A common image to achieve this is, therefore: pretend that you are a tree, growing its roots from your feet deep into the earth.

You can also look at it differently. Then grounding becomes a way of integrating cosmic energy into matter. Then you either "pull" the cosmic energy and information from the top down through your crown or the earthy energy and information from the bottom up through your feet.

Here are a few exercises you can do to ground. Feel and experience what works for you. Everybody is different.

Exercise 1

First, put a circle of white rose bushes with strong stems and roots underground around you for protection. In your mind, you draw a line or let your roots go from your tailbone and from the soles of your feet to the center of the Earth. In this center is a crystal with your name in it.

Now let these roots or these lines from your tailbone and feet anchor around the crystal. Then visualize the earth's energy, the dark red energy of mother earth going up through these roots, and filling your whole body.

Exercise 2

• Sit or stand quietly where you can be undisturbed for 10 minutes

• Relax completely and let go of your thoughts.

• Observe how your body feels and what your mood is.

• Feel how your feet make contact with the earth and feel it all over the soles of your feet.

• Now imagine that a column "grows" into the earth from the soles of your feet. First a little bit and then further.

• Go as far as you can and into the center of the earth where you will find a crystal with your name in it.

• Attach your column to this crystal.

• Now you are "grounded" and you can come back to this reality.

• Feel again how your body and mood now feel. Has anything changed?

Exercise 3

Walking barefoot on the ground or grass for half an hour every day is also a very good way to ground yourself. The longer and more consciously you do this, the better you stimulate the self-healing ability of your body. It certainly pays to have a piece of grass or a container of sand in your garden or on your balcony, where you do a short grounding meditation with bare feet in the morning. You then give the natural earth energies the opportunity to easily exchange with your body energy. This principle is called "earthing".

Exercise 4

Connect to the mantra for your root chakra, your Muladhara. This mantra is LANG.

Chanting this mantra in your mind or out loud for 7 minutes or a multiple of 7 minutes, while visualizing the color red in the area around your rump provides deep grounding.

Take care of yourself and use the power of grounding.

You will feel and experience that you get more peace of mind and can handle all kinds of change much better.

Love and light,



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