Individual and Executive Coaching

Why choose Individual or Executive Coaching?

If someone asks "How are you", the answer is often GOOD ...And on the outside, it all seems to go very well. Only, if you look below the surface, really go inside, then it is not that GOOD at all.

You are constantly busy performing more, raising the bar for yourself. Enjoying the NOW is difficult.


We are unknowingly conditioned and imprinted with choices, beliefs, and behaviors that belong to others. We learn how to survive and how to take care of ourselves in a material sense.

Who are you really, if you let go of all those expectations and conditioning. What do you want, what gives you energy, what makes you happy? Why do you do what you do?

Rationally, you know that you can praise yourself with what you have and…. you are constantly looking for that feeling of being really happy and fulfilled from the inside out, a feeling of peace, balance, satisfaction.

Nothing is as constant as change in life. And yet we often unconsciously repeat the vicious circle of our parents and even of our ancestors.

"How deep must the pain be before you are willing to change?"

What is Individual or Executive coaching?

I help you where you are dissatisfied with your behavior, feelings, and results. You work together with me on sustainable and profound changes. You develop a feathery smile, authentic leadership and say goodbye to obstructing patterns by consciously creating new empowering patterns.

Muriël Dalmulder is experienced in understanding the problem professionally and efficiently, raising awareness of unproductive behavioral patterns and growing in a trusted, safe environment. She has a wide range of intervention techniques through which you will achieve the desired situation. She is highly intuitive and grounded and is specialized in reconnecting you to your essence. 

Respect, fun, trust, and honesty are among the core values ​​in which the coaching takes place.

How beautiful is it to be reconnected with your real power, your essence?

"If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots." 



How does Individual or Executive Coaching work?

1. First, it is determined that there can be good cooperation between you and your coach.

2. After your commitment, six to a maximum of twelve moments are recorded in the agenda.

3. An extensive intake is then done in which the desired state is further defined.

4. The coaching strategy is then determined.

5. The coaching takes place on the recorded dates in sessions of 2 hours.

6. In between sessions, work is done with assignments, e-coaching and there is telephone contact.

7. The aftercare interview takes place six months after the last session.

What if you have successfully completed the individual or Executive Coaching?

Then …

  • you are aware of your own values ​​and norms, beliefs, identity, mission and purpose
  • you said goodbye to negative obstructing thoughts and beliefs
  • you know what your qualities are
  • you have found the peace and balance that was previously out of reach
  • you can have, do or be what you want
  • you are in connection with your essence, heart and you feel true love for yourself
  • you are the authentic leader you want to be, an example of excellence for yourself and others

In short: Then you are again at the captain of your ship, master of your life. Then you are the leader of your life, team, organization, fully reconnected to your essence, able to positively influence every result.

Interested what individual or executive coaching can do for you?

Feel free to request a free of charge individual intake with me here

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