It is sometimes said that there is really only 1 emotion, LOVE.

And that all other emotions can ultimately be traced to love.

Why then is love for many people something that seems so far away or hard to feel?

If you want to learn how to feel love for yourself, others and your environment, then keep on reading!

After all my years of personal development and growth, I have learned that love is always there, whether you know it or not. It is only up to us whether we allow it into our lives.

For example, I was and am not always kind to myself. I was very strict with myself. I had to meet all the expectations of my parents, and also of myself.

I wanted to be liked. I was afraid of not being good enough in all the roles I had in my life.

"Be kind to yourself" is one of the first things I learned when I started my journey into personal development. Let go of your perfectionism and your fear and give yourself permission to be human. Allow yourself to fall, rise again and learn. There is no failure, only feedforward.

The space that I felt, heard, saw and experienced after I learned how beautiful it is to allow yourself to learn, to be human, was so wonderful. It has changed everything for me. I have learned to love myself as I am, to embrace my pluses and minuses. I have learned to connect with my heart and to be thankful for everything in life. And this is what I love to share with others.

Because I know from my own experience how beautiful it is to love yourself as you are. And I see so many people struggling with this.

Loving your children, partner, family or friends seem so easy, and yourself?

There are two beautiful clichés that are so true; before you can love another, you first have to love yourself and love heals all wounds.

How can you start embracing love and allowing it into your life today?

Be kind to yourself, your body, your mind, your thoughts. Be kind to everything you are and have. By being kind to yourself you get into a beautiful state of being. A state in which you feel connected to yourself and everything around you.

And how do you do that?

By occasionally standing still, pause and connecting with your heart, your breathing and your body. Observing yourself from a distance without judgment; what do you think, what do you say to yourself, what do you believe about yourself and what do you feel?

Maybe your first step can be to learn how to accept yourself as you are. With your perfection and imperfection. Because that is what makes you so beautiful.

There are so many people who make "love" and feeling love, dependant on something or someone outside themselves. While true love comes from yourself, comes from within, just like being happy.

Respect and accept yourself as you are. With everything, you can still learn. We learn all our lives. Unless you choose to stand still. Then just consider what happens to water that stands still? That's going to stink right? While as it flows, it always ends up in the infinite ocean.

And even if it encounters obstacles, it never avoids them, it just passes by, always with the flow. So when you encounter obstacles on your way to love yourself, know that you are moving.

Go with the flow. Learn, fall, stand up and grow. And do everything you do with love, love for yourself and love for others.

Ultimately, that's what life is all about.

Feeling love for yourself, so that you can pass it on to everyone in your area. And if you forget about it for a while, fine, allow yourself to be human and learn. In the end, there is only one emotion and that is Love.

So what are you waiting for?

There is so much to love about you. Open your eyes and your heart to yourself.

Love yourself. Share the love. Start with yourself

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