90-day Premium Coaching Program

Get Your Spark Back

My premium program, Get Your Spark Back, is a group program for high performing professionals who desire a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. For those who want to let go of stress, having more time for themselves and their family and feeling fulfilled in all areas of their life. 

It is a transformative coaching package where International Certified Leadership Coach and Speaker Muriël Dalmulder teaches you to take the time to let go of carrying the weight of your job, family, the world on your shoulders, release, unwind and focus on self-care to recharge and be self-full so you can truly live the life you love.

In 90 days you’ll Be Free of stress, Free of Limiting Conditions, Free of Perfectionism, Energized, Passionate, Happy and Fulfilled in all areas of life.  

In short, the Get Your Spark Back Coaching Program consists of;

120-min strategy call with me to go the root of the issue
Weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me
Bi-weekly 1,5 hr Q&A group calls
Accountability buddy
Sparkling content and tasking
Guided meditations and other bonus materials that help you Get Your Spark Back.

Your most important takeaways are based on 5 principles called the EAGLE METHOD...


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Einstein

We explore your current situation, flying high and zoom in and out to get to the root of the issue. In this stage, you learn to nourish empathy towards yourself and your surroundings. What’s your vision, your purpose? 


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Einstein

Awareness of what is limiting you and where it comes from is key to get insights into yourself. Through personality tests that reveal your subconscious drivers and behaviors and our 1:1 calls, we’ll unravel your unconscious blocks and strengths. You’ll achieve clarity on where you are now in life, your balance, your current state, and your desired outcome. Then I'll give you all the resources you need to become successful and create the results you want, whether that is in your job, your relationship or your life. You’ll nourish an unshakeable mindset, build a strong fundament to be the new energized, powerful and happy YOU.  

You can never change your environment; it is you that has to change from within. If you change your beliefs and values you’ll change your life. You’ll get insights into what is motivating you, what gives you energy and your values and beliefs will be aligned in the light of your new choices.


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." Einstein

You already have everything you need inside you. All you have to do is acknowledge, accept and step into your core power, your greatness, your genius again. 

To transform and Get Your Spark Back you have to take care of yourself and let go of what no longer serves you. You’’ll work with power rituals and beliefs that will help you to make the next steps in your development. You’’ll release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and create new empowering patterns and beliefs to create long-lasting change. You’ll be in rapport with your Subconscious Power, feeling the energy and passion return!  


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." Einstein

A ship without direction won’t reach its destination. You'll follow the secret to creating your future, a nine-step process that also integrates your goals into your subconscious mind so quantum physics can work its magic for you. You'll work with the power of focus to get your desired result and final alignment of all you’ve done in the program to finally have your SPARK back in your relationship, your work, your life.


“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” Einstein

Going through all the 5 steps you are ready to unleash your sparkle, live life from the heart, connected to yourself, your loved ones and in alignment with your purpose. Happy and Fulfilled from within. 


My coaching program provides you with a bonus welcome strategy call of 90 minutes, to elicit your current and desired state and to give you the outline of our journey together. You can immediately start with my bonus daily power rituals to tap into your subconscious power.

To create real and long-lasting results and create sustainable empowering new patterns you’ll have weekly 1:1 coaching sessions of 20 minutes over the 3-month period.

I'll release weekly training modules including video and uniquely designed workbooks and bonus materials.  These will assist you alongside our coaching journey. We'll have bi-weekly reviews to make sure things keep on track.

You will have UNLIMITED email access to me to address any questions you may have or provide feedback on any area you are working on.


On top of ALL the above, you will receive an invite to my Unleash Your Inner Sparkle Mastermind Facebook group where you will be in an exclusive community for on-going support during and beyond the program.

Last but not least you'll have Lifetime access to resource materials and access to my personal mindset breakthrough reading-list.

Real accountability, connection, fun, ease, care & support – I will give my all!

On completion of this program, and for a limited time only, you will be able to join my exclusive Facebook Mastermind Support Group for further connection, love, accountability, community & support. 

Enrollment for this PREMIUM program is by application only and complimentary Get Your Spark Back Discovery calls are available on a first come first serve. There are limited spaces available because I want to make sure I give you undivided attention without having to rush off to the next client.

To book a discovery call with me, please CLICK HERE. 


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