As a child I was a dreamer and a thinker, and I still am! And for a long time, I  mastered doing everything at at the same time. Multitasking is now long obsolete. As doing too much things at the same times is de-focus and a waste of energy. In fact we are at our best if we do one thing at a time. You loose focus and energy by doing too much at once. A computer turns slow or even breaks down if too many files are open at the same time. An engine overloads if it is in 6th gear all the time. So even machines need to balance between doing and being.

Because I was so much in my head,  my interest in power of energy, different forms of healing and particularly being balanced, grew. As a doer, I therefore practiced and studied different things, such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, mantras, singing bowls and various forms of healing. All in order to reflect more often, just to be and to help other with that too.

It has become a common phenomenon in our society today, that we are very good at "doing", being externally oriented. You don’t want to miss out on anything, do you? And, it seems we also want it all, just like me, a good job, challenges, children, friends, sports? Is it any wonder that stress, burnout and having a restless, hunted feeling are today’s topic? We simply forget that we need balance between the human do-er and the Human being. 

Once you were born as a Human Being. Do you remember? Probably somewhere long ago. If you've forgotten how that was, then just look at children. How they play, breathe, talk, think .... Children (the majority) are in fact so pure in their being. They still have that low abdominal breathing. They live from day to day and often have no fear. Just because they are in the moment so wonderful. A beautiful and pure Human Being. 

If you can identify with the predominant human doe-r, you may, like me, become are more often aware of the status of your balance. Just pause for a moment during the day.  Sit, do nothing. Put your phone away or on quiet, enjoy nature. Bring your attention inward. How do you feel, what you feel, how does your body feel? Where is your breathing? It is high and fast? Bring it to your belly, for this moment, or the moment that you are going to create. You just need to bring your attention to your belly and your breathing will follow. Let your thoughts and what you feel, just be. Do nothing with them. Just be more often a Human Being. Enjoy being in the now, without worrying about the future or the past, that has been. If only there is being, the now, you will see, hear, feel and experience that there is much more space, tranquility and balance in your life. And that's what I wish for everybody. From Human doer to Human being!


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