Feedback Training

Feedback is breakfast for Champions

In neuroscience, positive psychology and the world of NLP, one of the master skills of high performers, is to see feedback as breakfast for champions; there is no failure, there is only feedback, there is only learning.

To create a positive change, you have to be the change. 

Muriël Dalmulder has successfully guided indivuals, teams and companies to be empowered by leadership growth on all levels. If you want to conquer the world, the Fine Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback is the right next step.

What will you learn from the Fine Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback training?

As participant you’ll learn:

 -   What the the NLP Communication model is and what the influence of your thoughts, words, and beliefs are on any result in your external world

-    What ‘a resourceful mindset’ is and what you can do to integrate it into the fine art of giving and receiving feedback

-    Different proven Feedback Techniques, ao used by the well-known A-brands in the world

-    What it takes to give and receive feedback

-    What Non-Violent Communication is and what its importance is in giving and receiving Feedback

-    What different tools you can use to coach your teams in the Fine Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

-    Optional: together we can brainstorm the preferred “Bynder way of Giving and Receiving Feedback.

How can we integrate the positive effects of the Feedback Training?

In three 0,5-1 day day interactive trainings, you’ll be taken on a journey by Certified Trainer of NLP & Mindfulness and Master Leadership Coach Muriël Dalmulder.

Every change starts with self-awareness. Each team member starts with assessing the current state of his/her Feedback Giving and Receiving Skills.

Then we’ll be creating the foundation to work with the different Feedback Techniques, like the NVC technique, the NLP Communication model, the power of focus, Mindset for Success and Beliefs to be a Successful communicator.

You’ll learn how to become an excellent communicator by learning the skills of building Rapport, a state that is self-initiated and makes you a master in communication. And we’ll learn different techniques for dealing with triggers and conflict like mindful listening and the SBNRR (Stop-Breathe –Notice-Reflect-React)-method which both increase your emotional intelligence.

We’ll look into the four different ways and occasions where different ways of feedback will be most effective

Constructive Feedback
Spontaneous Feedback

And we’ll look into a few Different Feedback techniques like:

The Sandwich feedback
The 6-step Feedback method
The more – less – keep as it is – method
Constructive Feedback
Feed Forward

To really sustainably create new empowering patterns, repetition of the new behaviour is needed. An accountability buddy system will be introduced to ensure the desired change. This will lead to conscious/unconscious integration and thus a long-lasting positive change.

What if participants went through the whole program?

Then every participant has:

- Experienced and worked with the effect of words, thoughts and beliefs on their results

- The right mindset to be successful and at cause for everything you do and have

- Learned to the steps to give and receive the different Feedback techniques

- Learned to be a model of excellent communication through the NVC process

- Learned to handle difficult situations

- Mastered the power of rapport

- All the necessary tools to keep themselves and others sharp

- The right flexibility in attitude and behaviour

- New patterns to positively influence other teams.

Then all individuals are empowered through the right behaviour and everyone is motivated and in control of any result despite all the changes inside or outside them.

Then all participants are the example of Master Communicators, owning the Fine Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback for the whole company.

If this is what you want for yourself, your team or your company contact me to get a tailored proposal.