26-07 UNTIL 12-08-2022

Every year between 26-07 and 12-08, a planetary alignment takes place between the planet Sirius, the sun in lion, the belt of Orion and the Earth.

With the climax on 8-8, a Cosmic Portal opens, an opening between the physical and energetic world, also called the Lion's Gate. This is a time of awakening and manifesting.

The sign of Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individual expression of the Divine. A period of great firepower, passion and transformation.

During the opening of this portal, which coincides with the Ancient Egyptian New Year, it is possible to download large amounts of high-frequency energy.

When the planetary alignment takes place, there is an intense frequency of light that activates the DNA, heart chakra and energy field. High vibrational frequencies and codes will be introduced into our energetic system. All this, to support you in the path of awakening. This upgrade will support you in your awakening process and the ever deeper and more intense embodying of your Unique Light.

This year the energy is higher than ever before.

Increased waves of light and encoding of awakening consciousness are now flowing onto planet Earth. This frequency and accelerated ascension energy is causing a huge change in your life. Major themes, such as relationships, career (change), life goals, health and letting go of material things will be touched by the coming energy wave. This can raise the necessary questions and doubts in you. Are these themes still fully in resonance with your heart?

This period is all about letting go of 'the old you', so that space is created for renewal. And, letting go and change is sometimes challenging and can cause fear. Deep emotions can surface. During this period, shift your focus from outside yourself inward.

Stay in a state of trust, even if you feel that nothing is right anymore. Always return to the frequency of love, put your hand on your heart and feel. So that you can let go of fear and uncertainty. In this instagram reel I share a nice process to let go of fear. 

Some tips for the coming period

1. Connect with the planet Sirius and with your own heart. Ask for energetic support with the processes you are currently going through.

2. Focus on love. You can see the opening of this portal as opening the portal of your heart. Do as many things as possible that make you happy and bring you joy, this will help you open your heart. For a nice and short training to get out of your head and into your heart, I would like to refer you to my online training.

3. Prepare for transformation. Nothing is as constant as change. Reflect on the important areas in your life. Are you happy with where you are now or do you want something different? Shift your focus to what you want and what you want will actually manifest itself.

4. Connect with your spiritual side. Whatever spirituality may be to you. For me it is nothing less than being connected with yourself, the earth and the cosmos and knowing that everything is energy. Sing, dance, listen or chant mantras, meditate, journal, whatever supports you.

5. Practice gratitude. Because gratitude connects you directly to your heart. I would like to share with you a free gratitude meditation in Dutch or English.

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