A story of a Lion who thought he was a sheep......

Once upon a time there was a lion that grew up in a flock of sheep. He had no consciousness that he was a lion.  He would bleat and eat grass like a sheep.  

One day they were wandering at the edge of a big jungle when a mighty lion let out a big roar and leaped out of the forest, right into the middle of the flock.  

All the sheep scattered and ran away.  Imagine the surprise of the jungle lion when he saw this other lion there among the sheep.   He got hold of him.  And there was this lion, being so afraid in front of the king of the jungle.  The jungle lion said to him, “What are you doing here?”

The other lion said, “Have mercy on me.  Don’t eat me.  Have mercy on me.”  But the king of the forest dragged him away saying “Come with me.”  He took him to a lake and he said, “Look.”  

The lion who thought he was a sheep looked and for the first time he saw his reflection.  He saw his image.  Then he looked at the jungle lion, and he looked in the water again, and he let out a mighty roar.  

He was never a sheep again.  It took only one minute.

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