When I was a little child, my mother gave me this beautiful poem. It is always on my mind because I can relate to it and it really makes me happy and feel like the sun. Because we all are one, I want to share this poem with you. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in it and therefor you'll acknowledge your own inner sun again!

Child of the Sun

Child of the Sun, Child of the Tropics

In you, the palm sings

And the olive grows

Lifting everybody up, young and old

In your smile the tropics is blossoming

That is how you want to live

Without any worries, like every season

Free of time

Child of the tropcis with heart and sould

Take the sun with you and enjoy

Shoot your arrows like Amor

To everybody young and old

Poor and rich

Live life to the fullest Child of the Tropics

And share your gifts


“Thoughts of a woman”

Luçia Ducastel

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