Turn your vulnerability into strength

It’s a beautiful day! The first day of spring! The sun enters Aries which signals the vernal equinox. If you are highly sensitive to universal energies, you might feel some tension.

Shortly after the sun enters the new sign of Aries we have a full moon in Libra that is incredibly powerful  Further adding to the tension of this full moon is that the sun is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer.

The sun, your will, your motivation, is compromised by a wound that seems unable to be healed completely. The vulnerability must be accepted and built upon in order to turn that weakness into a source of strength so that you, in turn, are able to help others rise out of the pain they carry with them every day.  

During this full moon, we are especially sensitive to our own unique pain, making it a challenge to embody the healer instead of being the wounded one. It takes bravery, courage and the ability to take risks to get through this existential battle.

Look at it as an adventure, to be all you can be, in order to create wholeness where there was once separation. We are all vulnerable in our own special ways.  

We all look to others to see if we can find acceptance.  And in the end, it’s up to us ourselves, each and every one of us, to find acceptance for ourselves within our own hearts.  

Be Brave. Be YOU.

You are not defined by what other people say about you. You are not your pain.  You get to decide what defines you. The full moon in Libra can remind you to show up in this world as yourself.

If you truly accept who you are, then others, your partners in this life, will be meeting you where you are. And being face to face with someone, openly and honestly, is what partnership is all about.

Allow this full moon in Libra to help you realize that when you are open and vulnerable to others it helps to create a stronger partnership. Be present in your relationships. Stop looking outside of yourself for your healing. We all have to do the healing part of it for ourselves. Our partners can bring loving support, and at the end of the day, it’s up to us to do the healing work in each of our own lives.

Use the energy of this full moon to get in touch with your feminine, receptive side and let go of all the layers that are still keeping you stuck.

We are going to be guided to get to zero with ourselves and to find that place of wholeness that resides within.  Set your intentions and enjoy this new energy.

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