Live Premiere 14 september 9.30 Flevopark Amsterdam

Sound of OHM is developed by Muriël Dalmulder and Fidessa Docters van Leeuwen. They created this ‘down to earth healing’ with the intention to create a worldwide community where every human being, with its tension and relaxation, really matters. They both have a background in branding experience and events and for more than 10 years they bring light into the world through personal coaching, trainings, books and workshops, all about self-awareness. Sound of OHM is their way to recharge and relax. An ancient technology, which they practice with lots of enthusiasm and now want to share with the world.  

C'OHM with us! To the second live event of Sound of OHM tuesday 11th of October 2016, from 19.00– 20.00hr in Oosterpark Amsterdam. The way to recharge together, bathe for one hour in the healing vibrations of OHM. Why OHM? It is the original mantra, the root and source of all sounds and syllabe and therefor of all language, thought and energy. Every atom in your whole body relaxed by making the sound of OHM. To OHM rogether uplifts you and your friends. Joy, Oneness, Vreugde, Opneness, Love and Light is what you can experienc. 

By ordering your ticket of € 10,-  you will receive the exclusively for Sound of OHM created Sri Murti/Image. Invite you friends and family to OHM with you! Full = Full. After we've received your paiment you will receive a confirmation mail with the excat address of  Sound of OHM at the Oosterpark Amsterdam.

There is no refund possible if you can't make it. You can always get your exclusively created Sri Murti/Image. Questions? Mail Fidessa and Muriel :

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