If there is anything that really makes me enjoy life and everything it brings me, it's being non-judgemental. Enjoying what I see, feel, smell or taste, in the moment. Without having a judgment about it, or labeling the experience. That gives me so much clarity and especially so much peace of mind.

One of the most beautiful quotes I know that touches the core is; "The past is history, the future a mystery and today is a gift that is why we call it the present", Bil Keane. Need I say more?

We often tend to have a label, description, judgment for everything we perceive through our senses. If we talk about the weather, it's volatile, cold hot, unpredictable. If we have pain then the pain is light or heavy, it's situated somewhere and it feels like ...... ..

While we can also just accept the weather as it is. Let the pain be the pain, the pain can even change, get lighter, simply because you have no judgment about it.

The fact that we tend to have a judgment, label about or for everything, puts a framework, boundaries around your experience. That's why you actually limit your experience, that what is present in the moment. This is embodied in the word language, lan gage - or caging in language.

So we constantly give meaning to what is, by what we say or think. What happens if you lift that limit by de-labeling, letting go of your judgment? Then there's inner peace, you feel space in yourself. Because what you see hear, feel and experience is just what it is, it is. Just do it and feel and experience what it does for you.

By falling and getting up, I learned that you have a choice in the way you judge something. And in all situations in my life I use this. Because I was good at stressing myself about my workload. That changed for me because I started de-labeling and instead of saying that I'm so busy, I say I am just happily working. That does feel like something else!

And of course I'm sometimes of track. I'm only human and am still learning every day. Though now I know by awareness and learning, that it is my judgments about something, that can make it feel heavier than it is.

Because it gives me so much peace of mind and space and I notice that I'm able to deal with almost everything that happens in life, I want to share this with you. Because I want everyone to really enjoy life by seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing the peace of mind you get by being non-judgemental.

So, if you get into a situation you’re affected by, just become aware of what judgment you yourself have about the situation. How do you label it? And then know that you have a choice to let go of your judgment. Let the situation be the situation. And if you really want to put a label on it, have a judgment about it, choose one that feels lighter for you.

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.


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