Two techniques for energetic care

Maybe you recognize this situation; you enter a room, or you come in contact with certain people, or situations and either immediately or afterwards you feel drained, tired, exhausted even. Then it is time to start to protect and cleanse your energy field.

We all have an aura, an energy field around us. It is a very subtle extension of our physical body, also called our ‘spiritual body’. Our auras are completely affected by everything that we do or think, by other energies such as the surrounding environment, the force fields of the solar system, and the energies of humans and nature.

We shower and take care of our physical body daily. Your spiritual body is no different.  Protecting and Cleansing your aura is important to your spiritual hygiene and it is such a powerful way to protect your energy and stay in your own power.

Being gifted with seeing energy, I was able to work with it and protect and cleanse my own energy field. As it is such a powerful way to stay in your own power, I want to share two easy and very effective ways to protect your own energy. As everything is energy, and our energy is directly related to any result in your life…

I cleanse and protect my aura twice or three times a day; always upon awaking to start my day fresh and high on energy to get things done. In the middle of the day only if I’m low on energy and always before falling asleep at night to cleanse myself of the energetic dirt of the day. And it is such a simple practice that you can do by yourself, no need of props, tools, whatsoever. All you need is you, visualization and a few minutes of your time.  


An effective and simple way to protect your aura is visualizing yourself shielded by a golden or bright white egg, pyramid or bubble. Just choose any form that feels good to you. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

I do this every single morning right after I get out of bed. I take a few deep breaths, get centred and imagine a bright white or golden light shining from the universe and entering the crown of my head. I also do this while doing my sun salutations or while walking in the park. This white or golden light fills my whole body from head to toe. When I’m completely filled up with this healing light, I make it pour out of my heart into my aura and I visualize creating a golden or white shape around my aura.

Then I set my intention to have a GREAT day and that the bubble or pyramid shields and protects me the whole day from negative energies


Cords are etheric attachments; you can look at it as cables, connected to your aura. They connect you to a person, object, location or situation. Cords from other people, locations and situations that you physically or mentally came in touch with, even cords of people that were thinking of you, get attached to your aura. This happens to us every day and every night. If you hear, see or read about his for the first time, it might be that you are even still attached to that ex boy or girlfriend, former job, deceased grandparent and so on. The energy between the cords works like communicating vessels. When your energy is high and the others energy is low, your energy starts to fill up the person or situation that is lower in energy. Causing you to feel tired, numb, exhausted even. In fact every attached cord gets you out of touch with your own energy. That is why it is so essential to every day, sometimes a few times, depending on how you feel, to visualize that you cut all the cords that are attached to your aura and that your aura field is strong and vibrant.

Everything is energy. And our level of energy is directly related to our results, fulfilment and happiness in life. Therefor it is so important to make sure we are full of energy whenever we need it. This is truly something you can manage yourself, by the power of protecting and cleansing your energy!

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You!








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