Release your inner Dragon...

Do you want to be free of limiting beliefs and patterns? Do you want to be at peace with yourself? One thing that can help is to see how your ‘childhood dragon’ affects your relationships, your work, and life. If you can see it you can be free as it allows you to make new decisions, which will change your life.

To See is To Be Free

We all have blind spots in our lives. That is nothing new, we learn how to go with the fast pace of life and we hardly learn how to stop, listen, feel and see what is there or what is missing.

15 years ago I went to a business coach for the first time in my life.  I had issues in communicating with my manager and I was about to burn out. The first question that changed my world was: “What is your ‘childhood dragon’?”.

“Dragons” are childhood experiences that lead to limiting patterns and or coping mechanisms.

My dragon immediately showed up very clear to me.

I grew up in a loving and warm family and in my model of the world, there was a lot of disharmonies, which I really struggled with. The coping mechanism I created was one of being a pleaser, creating harmony and do everything right. All to avoid situations of disharmony.

I became a perfectionist and a pleaser and that combination made me follow a path of expectations, paired with lots of stress. Becoming aware of the root cause of these limiting patterns made me able to do my inner work.

I was able to let go, let the past be the past and make new decisions, reconnected to my core power and to my heart's desire.

If you too have a coping mechanism that limits you to be, do or have what you truly desire in life, I encourage you to step back. Get out of your head and get into your heart. Take the time to go back to your childhood and see, hear and feel what situations were there that grew a dragon inside of you.

Then let the past be the past and get crystal clear on what your heart wants. Step into your power in the present and make new decisions. The decisions that you make create your life. If you need help doing this, just ask for it.

I truly believe we are limitless and that we live in a limitless field of possibilities. We only have to let go of the layers of limiting conditions that we unconsciously are carrying with us throughout life.

What I wish for everybody is to See and to be Free.  So you can be limitless and choose to shine!

#BeHappy #BeBright #BeYou

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