Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Do you recognize this feeling; so much to do, wanting to do everything at the same time and in a perfect way, work, household, children, hobbies, friends, family? And then you wonder why you have so little energy and lack of concentration? If you recognize this feeling, you can now benefit from the Power of Focus.

Focus is power. "Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes". This is a Universal Law. Maybe you can still remember your first driving lessons. If you focus on where you want to go, then that's where the car automatically goes. It's like riding a bike, you're always looking, conscious or unconsciously, ahead of you.

Focus is also one of the main drivers for change. It's one of the aspects I, on a daily basis, inspire and motivate people and teams with. As through focus, you can really get the best out of yourself. Your focus equals your quality of life. And that is something we all want, right?

We often (unconsciously) are so good at focusing on what we want to avoid. What I sometimes suffer from, is the feeling of getting nothing done. My focus is then on getting nothing done and that's where my energy goes. Then I literally and figuratively leak away m energy. And I use another excuse to get out of my own personal power, by saying; "I have too much to do so .. ..".

As soon as I consciously become aware of what I am doing, thinking, or saying to myself and thus see what my focus is, I am able to get back into my personal power. Only on the side where I put myself at cause, by asking myself  “what can I do or think differently now”, I can influence any result. And then I have a choice to start by doing one thing well and then proceed with the next one. If I also shift my focus to having an effortless and stress-free day, then that is my focus. My energy goes to what I want and then I feel energized and at power.

What also helps to focus is to regulate all distractions, such as mail and phone, by, for example, taking two fixed times per day that you read your emails or check your phone. This is such an effective way to create space and manage your time. And, "NO" is also a very nice answer.

So, if you focus on what you want to achieve, instead of what you want to avoid or are afraid of, you'll get energy. If you are energetic, you will get more out of your day, your work, your relationship, and your life. Energy Flows where your attention goes. You only need to, especially at times when you notice that you have little energy or are struggling, be aware of what you focus on. And If necessary, change your focus to what you want.

Focusing exercises, like for example, every day 2 or more minutes, bring your attention to your low abdominal breathing, a candle flame, or feeling your body, helps you to train your brain muscles to better deal with all the distractions that can disturb your focus. Also, all yoga positions for balance, such as the tree pose, strengthen your focus.

If you also act as if you are, being, doing, or having all that you want, as if it’s true right NOW and you repeat this, your unconscious mind will work for you. Do it! You will feel, hear, see and experience the positive effects. Enjoy the power of focus.

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.


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