“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein.

Often times while coaching teams and individuals to be successful in there is one common thread that it all comes down to which is: “Slow down to go fast and get connected to yourself, others and nature”

In coaching leaders, I notice that most people are mainly leading from the known places of the mind, while forgetting to access the nowadays critical source of information—their own intuition, which only can be felt if you are connected to your body and nature. 

As Gary Klein, a renowned cognitive psychologist, writes in his book The Power of Intuition, skilled decision-makers rely on deeply held patterns of learned experience in making quick and efficient decisions.

Nowadays with the fast pace of life and all the changes we and our planet are going through, we need a balance between the mind and our intuition.

Let’s face it: The mind is too slow. The ego gets involved, protecting, resisting, being fearful. We over-analyse, doubt and judge. In Eastern science this is called “the suffering state”.

The good news is that it is in your own hands to develop your intuition and access a beautiful state. Practicing mindfulness and awareness on a daily basis will help you have more access to intuition and help you to manage your thoughts. Connecting to nature is a way to listen to your inner voice.

Intuition can inspire your team to work together to find solutions. You can use your intuition to fix things and get your team back to high performance.

Intuition helps you to become aware of who’s engaged and who’s not and how you can support them.

In the end, for all I’ve seen, heard, felt and experienced, to be truly successful the connection with your intuition when it comes to leadership is the key.

So slow down a bit more often, connect to nature more and listen to that inner voice that you may often ignore. Be mindful and trust your gut-feeling.






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