Before I officially entered the world of attitude change, I was already working with the power of words. Because wow, words do have an impact on how you feel and therefore on your energy.


When I started in 2007 with my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, the first of my many trainings, all things clicked. Everything, absolutely everything I felt before linked to the impact of words became really clear to me. Because what you say internally to yourself, along with your physiology, determines how you feel inside, your inner state. And your inner state leads to your behaviour.  And your behaviour leads to your results. This is NLP aka The Study of Excellence in a nutshell. Because it is so much more than this.




There were so many things I had to do, that were really a MUST for me. I had to study, I had to be liked, had to be perfect. I also really mastered TRYING to be the best manager, partner, sister, daughter, and practitioner. Later in life I understood why all I was after felt so heavy to me. BUT to see bears on the road I also mastered. I labelled it “being critical”, but ... until I became really aware, through everything I've been able to learn, how it really affected my energy and my results, just by changing these three words. Because I still come across these words every day, or within myself (because I'm human and may learn) and also with others, these are the words I want to highlight in this blog.


The Dictionary “Dikke van Dale” about these words:

Must; needs, being obliged to.

Try; start or preparing for an act about which one is uncertain of the chances of success.

But; objection.


The word MUST. Ask yourself every time you use that word if you 'must' or "want." Replace 'should/must' with 'want' then you’ll feel your energy flow. Now experience how different the following phrases feel to you.

I still must to do a lot to be healthy.

I want to do a lot to be healthy.


If you use the word TRY, there remains uncertainty as to whether it succeeds. While if you instead use, I DO IT, you just do it.

See the two examples below and feel the difference!

I try to do my job really different after your feedback.

I do my job / I am working really different after your feedback.


If you, every time you use the word BUT, replace it with the word AND, it's as if an obstacle is removed. Look how different the second sentence feels by replacing the word 'but' in 'and':

I'm fine with you, but I want to communicate more with you.

I'm fine with you and I want to communicate more with you.


So far this blog about the power of the words.  I could go on for hours about this topic! I am convinced that anyone can use it in his or her favour. If you want to master the power of words, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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