Let's choose trust, fait & love over fear!

Due to the global Pandemic and the underlying collective fear, a lot of lives and businesses, are affected. And as I am receiving a lot of questions of my highly sensitive clients on how to deal with this, I thought to share some food for thought and tips to go through this!

My friend Monique Jansse, founder of Happy Soul Travel, asked me a few questions about it as well, for her newsletter in which we announce our Upcoming Life coaching and Yoga Retreat in June.

Looking at what is happening now, I feel that the news and social media are playing a big role in spreading fear and anxiety. Ok, there is a Pandemic, and yes we have to be realistic and take action! 

I feel for the elderly, the sick and weak as what is going on right now is making them feel so isolated, insecure and scared! Also, I realize healthcare is severely under pressure right now. 

However, in my model of the world, the anxiety and panic, which is going around the globe right now, is out of proportion and context. The collective fear is increasing rapidly and if you are vulnerable to it, it will only weaken you. 

We live too much in our mind and have lost connection with our heart and core, with confidence in general and also with confidence in our own inner power.

Due to this lack of confidence in our own power, we are sowing this collective fear. A fear that is of course also a counselor, only we make it so very big that it becomes disproportionate and leads to panic and stress. This is the universal law; what you focus on is what you get!

The way we are dealing with this virus is coming from a place of lack and anxiety, which is created by the mind only. And more and more we are losing the connection with our own power and ourselves.

Anxiety is an emotion with low energy. An energy that has an impact on our resistance, our immune system, on our emotions and ultimately on our reality.

I believe in the power of body and mind, I always have and always will. The fact that neuroscience also proved this mind-power and subconscious mind power is a fact. We are so much stronger than we think we are. 

Our minds can make or break us. In the end, WE ARE THE PLACEBO! We become what we think, what we believe and what we feel.

Here are a few tips to get through this time!

You have a choice for everything you do and think. Have faith! Trust in your own body and mind. You become what you believe and what you think.

You can use this time to contemplate and grow in consciousness, realizing that you are part of a bigger whole. That we are forced to let go of ego, this is also about a lot more than just WE, this is about us being part of the bigger whole! 

Step into a powerful growth mindset, you are the placebo!

Connect with positive thoughts and feelings like love and gratitude. I really believe and know that if we would be doing that together, we could heal this collective fear.

Put things in perspective and in the right context. It is a flu, for which there is no vaccine yet, and it is and remains a flu.

This situation is what you make of it, of you change your perspective, this gives me TIME to turn inwards, contemplate, and focus on things that I didn't have or make enough time for. 

We are creating our own inner and outer crisis now and this collective fear and panic have a negative impact on humanity, economy and even greater than that because we are all connected, earth, nature, water, air, and ether.

Choose positive thoughts and if you have issues staying positive now, connect with feelings like gratitude, love, joy, and bliss by thinking of memories of the past in which you felt these emotions!

Choose equanimity. Stay neutral in all of what is happening now, so your energy won’t be affected.

Ground yourself and protect your energy explained here in English and here in Dutch.

Use affirmations like: I have a strong immune system, I am healthy and vibrant, I am powerful, My body is strong and fit.

By taking good care of your body and mind you are strengthening your immune system.

Sleeping well, hydrating your body and mind, meditating, exercise, connecting with nature, deep breathing practices and yoga help against stress and boost your immune system.

To calm a stressed nervous system in this blog Dutch version and the English version I share some tips on how to do this.

If you want to use external sources to boost your immune system than nature has it all-in Turmeric, Ginger, Aloë Vera, and Ashwaganda. Also burning the etheric oils tea tree and lemon kills viruses in the air. Using the essential oil blends On guard of DoTerra and Thieves of Youngliving can also really helo. No, I’m not their agent, just sharing everything I know that they are the best.

For me, as a small entrepreneur, I also feel the pain, though the benefit of being an entrepreneur is that we always find solutions for everything.

That is why as of now I’m offering online workshops, training and coaching to be done from the comfort of your own home. Without having to be afraid of being infected.

I received remarkable feedforward from people and groups I worked with, in an online setting. It amazed me how powerful it is as it really feels like being in a live workshop, coaching or training.

If you’re interested CLICK HERE!

Let’s choose LOVE, FAITH, and TRUST instead of FEAR!






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